Sukitz Frequently Asked Questions

What's sukitz?

Sukitz is a line of functional lollypops that contain active nutraceutical ingredients. Each lollipop you suck from the Sukitz line will provide you with mental and physical benefits.

What type of sukitz are there?

"Get thin" and "Get hyped"

What is in the sukitz get thin?

The product is composed of two sugar substitutes, isomalt and sorbitol. Isomalt has been known to prevent tooth decay and has minimal impact on blood sugar levels. Sorbitol is a nutritive sweetener found naturally in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes. Sorbital is responsible for the energy you get from Sukitz. This combination of ingredients helps to control your hunger and your weight. Each pop contains very few calories as well as 60 mg Encaf-caffeine, Welltrim®, inositol and a special Sukitz Slim-formula with vitamins B.

Why WellTrim® iG ?

WellTrim® is an all natural, proprietary blend of WellTrim® iG WellTrim® iG is IGOB131®, which is the scientific name for the authentic, patented, clinically-proven African Mango Extract (Irvingia gabonensis; U.S. Patent 7,537,790). WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®) was developed and clinically evaluated by Dr. Julius Oben, a world renowned expert on obesity and metabolic syndrome.

How does WellTrim® help you to lose weight?

• (Welltrim)Targets your body weight by aiding the processes of appetite control, metabolism, fat burning, and blood sugar level.
• It aids in the function of certain hormones in the body, namely leptin and adiponectin. It has been shown that people with leptin resistance are prone to increased appetite and reduced thermogenesis (heat production within the body that can lead to fat oxidation). In a double blind clinical study, consumption of WellTrim® iG reduced leptin resistance by almost 52%, which lead to enhanced satiety and appetite control.
• By enhancing the activity of your body’s natural hormones, WellTrim® iG naturally and effectively influences healthy weight management
• Dr Oz loves WellTrim® iG

Why is sukitz better than any 8 oz energy drink or energy shot?

Sukitz products will perform better than competitive stimulants because of their unique administration of the active substance, ENCAF-caffeine. The active substance ENCAF caffeine is absorbed not only faster, but also more efficiently through intra-oral absorption. Intra-oral absorption is accomplished by simply sucking on the lollipop. What makes this type of administration of caffeine superior to competitors is that Sukitz Lolipops takes advantage of the venous blood flow of the oral mucosa which streams directly into the superior vena cava and thereafter into blood circulation. Competitors such as 5 hour energy and Redbull require their product to be ingested. In order to reach the blood stream the ingested product is required to transverse not only the gastrointestinal system but also the liver, where it is subject to the body’s metabolic processes. Such processes chemically modify and break down the active substance resulting in a substantial loss of its quantity, greatly influencing its effectiveness. This same adaption effect is also applied to the other ingredients (Taurine, Vitamin B and so on) faster and higher adaption.

What other types of sukitz will sukitz make in the future?

Eventually sukitz will go into other types of stimulation such as:
Get Focused, get smart, get hydrated, get healthy, get relaxed and the hangover remedy.

Will you be adding any more flavors?

Yes we plan on letting our consumer help us come up with the next generation of flavors and stimulations by suggesting the type of flavor or stimulation.

How much caffeine is in a sukitz?

A sukitz get hyped contains as much energy as a 5 hour energy drink or one cup of coffee but with an instant effect and a smoother energy transition.

Where do you make the sukitz?

sukitz manufactures the lollypops in Switzerland (Germany normally…) because of their superior technology in process blending of candy & confection products.
This is why Sukitz lollipops are the best tasting and most innovative "new" form of stimulation in today's market.

What are the best times to have a sukitz?

Anytime you are tired, need extra energy, or are hungry.

Have sukitz been approved by the FDA?

Dietary supplements are stringently regulated, but are not approved by the FDA. All dietary supplements must comply with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the FDA.

Who should not suck sukitz?

• Women who are pregnant or nursing.
• Children under 16 years of age. (how is the law in the US)
• People diagnosed with phenylketonuria (PKU).
• People with any heart conditions.
• Diabetics (for get hyped)

Who should check with there doctor before sucking on sukitz?

• People who are currently taking any prescription medicines.
• You have been advised by your physician to avoid stimulants and or caffeine.

Does the no nutraceutical help you loose weight or give you energy?

The no nutraceutical does not help you loose weight or give you energy it is simply a sugar free pop.

Do sukitz have peanut, coconut or gluten?

Sukitz are peanut, coconut and gluten free.